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Hospital personnel can recycle TVs, monitors at discounted rate


For those that have sereved our community on the frontlines of COVID-19, Elgin Recycling wants to serve you.

That’s why the we are  running a special discount on TV/monitor recycling fees through the end of June for all hopital personnel.

Now through Monday, June 30, hospital personnel can bring in their old or unwanted televisions and computer monitors and receive a $15 discount on their recycling fee.


That special pricing means televisions and monitors under 21 inches, which are usually $25 to recycle, will be $10, while those 21 inches and above, regularly $35, will be $20. LCD monitors, usually $15, will be free to recycle.

Please bring in your hospital badge to receive discount.

To determine size and recycling fee on your item, measure the screen diagonally from inside corner to inside corner. Of note: the special discount does not apply to wood console and rear projection TVs.

Elgin Recycling is committed to providing the Chicagoland area with a greener alternative for disposing of electronics. Those individuals who choose to take their e-waste to an Elgin Recycling facility rather than throw it in the trash bin help conserve the Earth’s natural resources and avoid air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. And with growing technological advancements now more than ever there is a need for an outlet to recycle end of life electronics.

If you are hospital personnel looking to declutter, take advantage of Elgin Recycling’s special discount on televisions and computer monitor recycling fees.

By doing so, you can make a positive impact on your home and our planet.

Thank you for all that you do during these trying times. 




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