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Elk_Grove_Village_Holiday_LightsElk Grove Village has participated in Elgin Recycling, Inc.’s Holiday Lights Recycling program since 2009.  Their residents have recycled over 5,400 pounds of Holiday lights since the program started!  Elgin Recycling, Inc. has also worked with businesses and local tradesmen on many different scrap projects throughout Elk Grove Village.

Elk Grove Village takes recycling seriously as they were one of the first communities in the state to utilize curbside recycling and recently celebrated 22 years of recycling.  Throwing trash away costs the community nearly $50 / ton while recycling the same amount provides them with a credit of $9.50.  Throwing away recyclable materials costs the Village and its residents nearly $60 per ton.  Elk Grove Village asks each and every resident to consider if the material they are throwing into the trash is actually recyclable in order to reduce landfill space and protect the environment.

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“You guys really do run a nice friendly and exciting ship!”

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