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Brass Recycling

P1014882Brass is a term used to describe a wide variety of copper and zinc alloys. Other elements may be added to achieve certain desired characteristics for a particular application. The history of brass dates back to prehistoric times although, at the time, it was not fully understood as a copper/zinc alloy. Early production of brass was limited since the higher temperature needed to melt zinc could not be reached with conventional heating methods of the time. Due to heating restraints, there were other methods used to make brass such as mixing calamine (zinc oxide and 0.5 ferric oxide) and copper in a crucible and heating the mixture. The heat was enough to reduce the ore to a magnetic state but not melt the copper. The vapor from the zinc would then permeate into the copper to form brass. Later other methods of making brass replaced this practice as research and technology helped to make advancements in manufacturing processes. Brass and its cousin bronze have many uses in the modern world from decorative to functional. Brass is often used for decorative purposes because of its color which resembles gold. The metal is also used in radiator and heat exchanger construction because of its excellent thermal conductive properties.

We recycle all types of Brass and Bronze.

  • Red Brass
  • Yellow Brass
  • Industrial Brass
  • Bronze
  • Brass Radiators
  • Meters
  • Rod Brass
  • Rod Turnings
  • Household Items



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