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"From the pick-up drivers to the support staff your team always partners with us to make sure our needs are met." Greg G. Customer Since 2010 Schaumburg ,IL

Business and Contractors Recycling

At Elgin Recycling we are dedicated to making your recycling experience as easy and economical as possible. The experts at Elgin Recycling will tailor a recycling program to meet your every need. We provide a variety of containers to best fit all industrial or commercial accounts.  With a fleet of trucks, roll-offs, trailers, and containers supplied to you free of charge, no job is too big. Whether your pick up requires dropping of a container, staging a live load, or weighing and paying on site, Elgin Recycling has the resources and equipment to meet your need. Our trucks are equipped with state certified scales that you can trust. We are able to provide truck service 24/7 with next day pick-ups in the Chicago-land area. Scrap is generated from manufacturing processes, obsolete inventories, contractors’ metal scrap, equipment removal and demolition. By turning your trash into scrap, businesses are able to turn waste expense into revenue and reduce your environmental footprint. Let one of our scrap metal experts help develop a recycling program for you.

Industrial Customers
Companies involved in manufacturing of products find that they have scrap metal byproducts. By recycling this scrap, profits can be added to a company’s bottom line increasing revenue and decreasing the expense of waste services.

Commercial Customers
By holding onto obsolete inventory, commercial and retail customers incur large costs for warehousing. These costs can be turned into profits by recycling and being paid for the scrap.

All construction jobs have left over scrap metals. Plumbers, electricians, and contractors will find Elgin Recycling’s pick up service convenient and efficient.

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