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Arlington Heights Recycling

For residents and businesses in Arlington Heights, recycling and going green is not a new concept. The Environmental Commission has its own eco-advisory group, established in 1971, and is one of the first communities to begin residential and business recycling programs. Arlington Heights is a leader in improving environmental health and encouraging eco-awareness.

Based on the Village of Arlington Heights' Living Green Initiatives, recycling is one of the easiest measures homeowners and business owners can take to divert large amounts of waste from landfills. In fact, the local government already provides the people of the village a way to recycle by having its own recyclable pickup system and recycling containers at the Village Hall.

In Arlington Heights, electronics recycling is not covered by its green initiatives since many computers and mobile phones contain toxic substances that their current recycling processes can't handle. Because of this, it is encouraged that a local recycler is sought out to handle unwanted electronics.

We at Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal are happy to help eliminate and put to good use both your unwanted electronics and scrap metal in Arlington Heights. Our recycling center in Arlington Heights can do metal recycling and handle all sorts of electronics without risking chemical leakage and other disastrous incidents. We are R2 certified, which ensures that data security is part of our protocol. With that said, you can feel confident about recycling data drives and other storage devices through us.

We also handle paper and plastic recycling. This means that you can rely on our services for your entire recyclable load. Simply sort your waste and we will do the rest. You will even get paid for your efforts!

Aside from accepting your recyclables onsite, we also offer pickup services, especially for industrial accounts and those disposing huge amounts of waste. We provide roll-off boxes, box trucks with lift gates, van trailers, gondolas, flatbeds, gaylords, and dump hoppers. Elgin Recycling serves many businesses throughout the Arlington Heights area with our scrap metal pick-up service. Call us for more information on our pick up services and current scrap prices.

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Want to organize your own eco-event? Let us help. Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal can assist you with launching events that can improve recycling in Arlington Heights. From scrap metal programs to cell phone collections, we can help you create a successful and profitable plan. In the past 4 years Arlington Heights Public Works Department has partnered with Elgin Recycling to keep almost 8,000 pounds of holiday lights out of landfills. We can even help you create joint programs with neighboring communities. Aside from Arlington Heights, we also offer residents and businesses in Des Plaines and Mount Prospect our recycling services. Call us about fundraising for your area or organization.

If recycling is the first step to going green, then finding the best place to do so should be the next. Sort your trash and visit our Arlington Heights recycling center today!

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