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We offer competitive prices for all scrap metal, electronics & more.

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"I am very happy with Elgin Recycling and their staff and will continue to use them for years to come!" Zach M. Customer Since 2007 Elk Grove Village ,IL

Silver Recycling, Lead Recycling, and Other Metal Recycling

Common metals such as steel, stainless steel, and copper all are easy for most recycling services to process. However, for particular metals such as silver, molybdenum, and lead, recycling services can be difficult to find. Thankfully, we provide a solution to ensure that all scrap metals in your home, business, or worksite are disposed of properly.

At Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal, we make sure that all scrap metal is eliminated properly from your home or work and used to help manufacturers find alternative sources for raw materials. Lead, molybdenum, and silver recycling, as well as other metal recycling efforts, will also prevent companies from having to mine for new metals thanks to a ready and affordable source in the market.

We recycle a diverse array of other metals, which include:

  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Silver
  • Molybdenum

Please give us a call at 847-741-4100 if you have a metal that is not on the list.

Considering the variety of metals you may find at home, we recommend that you sort them prior to having them recycled through our facilities. This is to ensure that you get the most profit out of your recyclable load; each metal has its own price, which depends on its weight and current market demand.

Sorting your recyclable load is important. This is especially the case if you also have high-priced metals such as copper for recycling. You won't want your copper items to be priced the same way as your steel or lead items.

Find out more about how each metal fares in price by requesting for a quote. We offer competitive prices for all scrap metal, electronics, and more.

Drop by one of our Elgin Recycling centers today and bring your recyclable loads for lead, silver, or molybdenum recycling to do your part for the environment and earn some profit. We have recycling centers in Gilberts, Elgin, Palatine, Crystal Lake, and Elk Grove Township. Our recycling facilities are open from Monday until Saturday. Click here for more details on our operating schedules.

Is your load too heavy for your vehicle to handle? Call us or request for a pickup online for lead recycling and other metal recycling services. We offer full-service trucking for eligible loads, especially for industrial accounts. Make sure to state the type of material you will have picked up so we can make sure we are equipped to handle your recyclable load.

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