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"I am very happy with Elgin Recycling and their staff and will continue to use them for years to come!" Zach M. Customer Since 2007 Elk Grove Village ,IL

Questions And Answers


What are your hours?

Our Elgin, Gilberts, Crystal Lake, and Arlington Heights yards are open Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm and Saturday from 8am - 1pm. 

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What are the directions to your location?

Please see our locations page for our addresses and a map of our locations.

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Do you offer a pick-up service?

We do offer a pick-up service free of charge for materials we accept, however there are weight limits that material must meet to be picked up.  Please call us at 847-741-4100 to discuss the pickup of your material.

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Do I need to have an ID when I bring in material?

You will need a photo ID for any payout totaling $100 or more. Our Elgin location requires every customer to provide us with a photo ID.

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Why do I need an ID for every transaction in Elgin?

The City of Elgin has an ordinance requiring each person who scraps metal to provide the institution they are recycling with their photo ID for every transaction.

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Will the employees at your scrap yard be able to unload my material for me?

Yes, our facilities are full service and as long as you can get the material to the yard our employees can unload your vehicle for you.

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If I have large amounts of material do I need to go to a certain yard to be unloaded?

If we can unload your material with a forklift you can go to any of our yards.  Our steel yard in Gilberts has larger equipment to unload larger steel loads.

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Do you have a truck scale?

We have truck scales at both of our Gilberts locations and our Crystal Lake location.

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Do you sell any of the material you get in back to the public?

At this time we do not sell our material back to the public.

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Do I have to have an appointment to bring you my material?

You do not need to have an appointment to bring in your material.  You can stop by anytime during our normal business hours.

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Do you close for lunch?

We do not close for lunch.  There will always be someone there to assist you during our normal business hours.

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What is R2 Certification?

Elgin Recycling is R2 Certified and has employed a team to manage the environmental health and safety aspects of our business.  With our R2 certification customers can have the confindence that all our E-scrap is being recycled responsibly.  Within our R2 platform data security is of the utmost importance.  R2 requires us to eliminate all data on hard drives and data devices.  As an R2 certified recycler we must ensure that all materials handled downstream are handled appropriately according to R2 guidelines.  It also ensures that Elgin Recycling maintains any necessary permits, licenses, and insurances as required by state and federal regulations.

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Does your company help out with fund raisers?

Yes, Elgin Recycling would be happy to help with fundraising efforts.  Please call the office at 847-741-4100 for more information.

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Do you take used bicycle tires and inner tubes? Are most bicycle rims made of steel?



We unfortunately do not take old tires and tubes. We do accept all types of rims from aluminum to steel. The typical rim you would find on a bike is made of steel. You will be able to determine the type of metal by its magnetic properties. If a magnet is drawn to the metal it is made out of steel if there is no draw then it is most likely aluminum. Our trained staff at all of our recycling centers can help you determine the type and alloy of your metal when you bring it in. If you have any questions please call us at 847-741-4100.

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Do you take cardboard?

We do accept and pay for cardboard in industrial sized quantities.  Most of our cardboard customers include companies that generate loads of 40,000 pounds or more.  We will accept cardboard boxes from the public that are broken down and tied.  No payment is given for these.

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Do you take paper?

We do accept and pay for paper in industrial sized quantities.

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Do you take plastic?

We do accept and pay for plastic in industrial sized quantities.

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Will you sort a box of mixed materials if I bring it in?

If you bring in a box of mixed materials we will accept it, however there may be a price difference due to labor and sorting.  To get the best price for your material it is always best to bring it in sorted.

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Do you take cars, RVs and boats?

We do accept them but only in parts and pieces.  It has to pass as a part for us to be able to accept and pay for it.  You cannot just cut it in half and bring it in.  We do not take any glass, rubber, fluids, or anything concealed.

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Do you take steel machinery?

Yes, we do accept farm machinery but there can be no fluids, rubber tires or anything concealed.

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Is there a list of what materials you accept and do not accept?

We take all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also accept all electronics.  There are exceptions depending on the situation.  You can look at the section named Materials We Do Not Accept under the Scrap Metal Recycling section on our website for a list of items we do not accept.

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How is your pricing determined?

Our pricing is determinded by Comex and LME and can change daily with the markets.  Please use the Request a Quote tab on our main page or call us at 847-741-4100 to get accurate pricing.

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Why aren't your prices posted on your website?

Our prices are not posted on our website because they are subject to change at any point.  Please call us at 847-741-4100 or use the Request a Quote tab on our main page to get accurate pricing.

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When/Why do your prices change?

Our prices are determined by Comex and LME and can change daily with the markets.

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How much is copper?

There is a market for copper and depending on where it is that day will determine your price.

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How much are aluminum cans?

There is a market for aluminum and it does fluctuate.

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How much do you pay for a washer and dryer?

There is a market for steel and it fluctuates.

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