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Battery Recycling

r2_orion_certAt Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal, we recognize the importance of proper battery recycling. Nearly 99 million wet-cell lead-acid car batteries are manufactured each year. With millions of car batteries alone being produced, there needs to be an outlet to recycle them as they reach their End of Life. Technology has allowed for nearly 90 percent of all lead-acid batteries that have reached their End of Life to be recycled responsibly. A typical lead-acid battery recovers 99% of the lead as a recyclable element. Lead Acid Batteries are not the only type of batteries out there needing a recycling option when it comes to their End of Life. We accept a variety of batteries at our facilities as listed below. 


Elgin Recycling filters all E-scrap from our four recycling centers through our R2 certified electronics reycling division (West Dundee, IL) ensuring that your electronics are handled safely and securely.



Batteries Accepted:
Lead-Acid Automobile Batteries
Medium to large, flooded cell batteries, maintenance-free, vented, rechargeable
Common Uses: Automobiles, motorcycles, boats

Non-Automotive Lead-Based Batteries:
Gel cells and sealed lead-acid batteries are commonly used to power industrial equipment, emergency lighting, and alarm systems. The same recycling process applies as with automotive batteries.

Steel Encased Batteries
Large, flooded cell batteries, lead acid, vented rechargeable
Common Uses: Forklifts, industrial machinery, motive power

UPS Batteries
Medium to large, flooded cell batteries, typically lead acid, vented, rechargeable
Common Uses: Un-interruptible Power Systems, Stationary power

Dry Cell Batteries
Button-Cell Batteries
Most small, round “button-cell” type batteries found in items such as watches and hearing aids contain mercury, silver, cadmium, lithium, or other heavy metals as their main component. Button cells are increasingly targeted for recycling because of the value of recoverable materials, their small size, and their easy handling relative to other battery types.

Rechargeable Batteries
 Nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD), nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, and small-sealed lead.

As a one-stop shop for all your recycling needs, Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal does not only recycle batteries. We also offer electronics, scrap metal, plastic, and paper recycling services.

To further provide you with the best service, we have numerous drop-off facilities across the Chicagoland area with friendly staff to help you unload and weigh your materials. Our drop-off centers are equipped with state certified scales so we can accurately weigh your scrap. They also have a state of the art inventory software program linked to our scales and records with pictures of every transaction for future reference.

If you're planning to recycle a large number of batteries or other recyclable materials, you can schedule a pickup with us. Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal has a fleet of DOT certified trucks, flatbeds, and roll-offs to accommodate your every recycling need.

To learn more about our battery disposal services, call us at 847-741-4100 or visit this page.

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