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Providing our company with a way to recycle the wide variety of product we have helps with our company wide green initiative. Greg G. Customer Since 2010 Schaumburg ,IL

Computer Recycling

computersElgin Recycling & Scrap Metal offers complete computer recycling options for all End of Life electronic products. We recycle computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, and cords within our facility. Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal filters all E-scrap from our five recycling centers through our R2 certified warehouse ensuring that your electronics are handled safely and securely. We degauss all hard drives with our High Energy Pulse Degausser. With this technology, Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal can assist you in meeting compliance standards for government mandates that require complete elimination of sensitive information stored on magnetic media prior to re-use or disposal, including the following:

  • GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Guidelines for Media Sanitization: NIST 800-36, NIST 800-88
  • HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act)R2_2013
  • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
  • California Senate Bill 1386

In addition to degaussing hard drives, our machine can also erase all tape formats that can fit in the 6.75” x 4.5” x 1.66” degaussing chamber – including PC hard drives, LTO, SuperDLT, DLT, 3592, and 9940 tape cartridges.

With technology switching from CRT’s and Plasma to LCD displays there is a large volume of obsolete monitors waiting to be recycled. Monitors should not be disposed of in landfills due to the hazardous waste components within them. The only way to ensure that they are being disposed of correctly is to recycle them with a company that handles it properly. At Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal, we can offer an environmentally responsible way of recycling your monitors for residents or businesses for a small fee.

We provide service for loads of all sizes, whether you are a homeowner looking to recycle your computer the correct way or a business that has many End of Life computers. We can help coordinate an e-recycling drive in your town or school or pickup loads at your company. Please contact us so we can serve you in whatever recycling capacity you need. Our team is eager and ready to customize a program or solution for you.

If you have an old computer, we recycle any of these parts and accessories:

  • Fans
  • Hard Drive Boards
  • Switches
  • Circuit Boards
  • Printers
  • Power Supplies
  • Copy Machines
  • PC
  • Key Boards
  • Mice
  • Servers
  • LCD Monitors (material charges apply)
  • CPU’s
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Memory
  • Modem/Routers
  • Hard Drives
  • CD Rom Drives
  • Faxes
  • Floppy Drives
  • Internal Power Supplies
  • AC Adapters
  • Computer Cables
  • Laptops
  • CRT Monitors (material charges apply)


Besides recycling computers, Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal also offers battery and cell phone recycling services. To provide you with the best service, we have state certified scales including three (3) truck scales, a state of the art recycling software program, five (5) clean drop-off facilities, and a fleet of DOT certified trucks, flatbeds, and roll-offs to accommodate your recycling needs.

To learn more about our computer recycling services, call us at 847-741-4100 or click here.

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