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Naperville Recycling

The City of Naperville, IL is known to already have a number of environmental initiatives that encourage sustainable green living. But this doesn’t mean that eco efforts have to be left in the government's hands. Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal in Naperville has recycling services for individual households and companies of all sizes that help them do their part in preserving Mother Nature.

When it comes to going green at home or in the office, the act of segregating trash always comes to mind as one of the easiest things anyone can do. However, it's also good to know that you can do more to further your green efforts. You can see to it that your waste goes directly to those who need them instead of in landfills. Many manufacturing companies can use recycled scrap metals and electronics as an alternative source of materials for their production needs.

Electronic recycling, for example, offers a significant advantage to industrial manufacturers, as they are in constant need of metals like copper, aluminum, and brass. These metals can be extracted from End of Life electronics and reused to create newer gadgets and devices. This means that in order to get the raw materials they need, companies won't have to resort to extraction procedures that can be harmful to the environment

In Naperville, electronics recycling is just one of many services we offer at Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal. Scrap metal and industrial paper and plastic recycling services are among the other solutions we provide. Our Naperville recycling center accepts loads from residential recyclers, as well as businesses, government agencies, education institutions, and non-profits. We are also R2 certified, which means that we prioritize data security when your load includes data drives and other storage devices.

Aside from accepting recyclables onsite, we also offer pickup services for industrial accounts and other organizations that recycle larger loads. We can provide you with roll-off boxes, box trucks with lift gates, van trailers, gondolas, flatbeds, gaylords, and dump hoppers. Call us to learn more about our pick up services and current scrap prices.

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If you want to host a cell phone recycling initiative, a can collection drive, or even a paper and plastics drive, simply give us a call about fundraising for your organization. We also provide help in customizing eco-events like recycling drives for communities and business groups.

Help save the earth by being more proactive in preserving the environment. Sort your trash and visit our Naperville recycling center today!

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