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Des Plaines Recycling

In the city of Des Plaines, recycling is highly encouraged as the local government has implemented several programs to help residents and businesses go green. However, knowing how to sort your waste and where to leave it aren’t enough if you really want to strive for environmental sustainability. Homeowners and businesses based in Des Plaines must also know where they can dispose of their recyclable waste so it can be processed properly.

Knowing where to divert recyclable loads is integral in keeping the environment clean and green. In fact, certain laws, such as the Illinois Electronics Reuse & Recycling Act, prohibit certain household and business wastes such as electronics and household appliances (white goods) from being sent to landfills. Residents and businesses of Des Plaines with electronics recycling concerns can find a local recycler that can help properly process their items.

Here at Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal, we provide you with the services you need to eliminate and put to good use your unwanted End of Life electronics and scrap metal in Des Plaines. Our recycling center is equipped to properly handle these items, preventing any chemical leaks and other hazardous instances that result from the mismanagement of recyclable electronic items. We are also R2 certified, which means that we comply with the appropriate privacy and security measures when recycling data drives and storage devices.

In Des Plaines, metal recycling isn’t all that Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal can do. We also specialize in paper and plastic recycling. This means that we can handle your entire recyclable load. We suggest that you sort them beforehand as well, so you can make the most out of your contributions. Sorted recyclables can equal more savings, after all.

To make recycling in Des Plaines more convenient, we also offer pickup services. Elgin Recycling presently serves many businesses in the Des Plaines area with our recycling scrap metal and electronics pick-up service. This is especially needed by industrial accounts or if you simply have a huge amount of recyclables that your vehicle cannot accommodate. We can provide roll-off boxes, box trucks with lift gates, van trailers, gondolas, flatbeds, gaylords, and dump hoppers. Call us for more details on our pick up services and current scrap prices.

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Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal also offers assistance to individuals or groups looking to improve recycling in Des Plaines. From scrap metal collection drives to electronics recycling contests, we can help you launch an eco-event to raise awareness and instill the importance of caring for the environment in your community or organization.

Let Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal help you go green by being your go-to Des Plaines recycling center.

Got friends and family in neighboring cities? Encourage them to recycle as well. We provide Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, and Chicago recycling services in our dedicated facilities in these and other areas of Chicagoland.

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