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"Elgin Recycling consistently pays top dollar, has absolutely accurate scales, has helpful and courteous staff and drivers" Steve C. Customer Since 2007 Elk Grove Village ,IL

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Elgin_Recycling_Elgin_LocationRobert E. Conroy founded Elgin Recycling over 30 years ago. Elgin Recycling began as a small, non-ferrous recycling center, and has expanded to a multi-facility operation, processing all metals and materials. Throughout that expansion, Elgin Recycling's commitment to the city of Elgin has remained strong.

Back in 2002 the average size of refuse in Elgin was 53.5 pounds per household weekly. In 2010 the average refuse size was 32.5 pounds per household weekly. One huge benefit of recycling is generating less material to the landfill.  From 2007 to 2010, the city of Elgin found that 31.32% of all curbside waste collected in Elgin was recycled. This is not including Yard waste.

In order to achieve these results, the City of Elgin does charge residents for curbside recycling services. Average single residential homes pay $12.87 per household per month on for recylcing services. Condo / Townhomes owners pay $9.35 per household per month (not including yard waste collection). Their is an additional charge for the Refuse Sticker. At the point of purchase, each refuse sticker costs $2.00. The Actual cost of each sticker is $2.35. The City of Elgin Pays $.35 for each sticker that is purchased. The sticker subsidy is paid out of the general fund.

The city of Elgin's commitment to recycling and evironmentally sustainable is aided by Elgin Recylcing. We gladly accept all recyclable materials. We also host several events to encourage recycling and generate awareness about the benefits to the local community.  

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